‘CEO for One Month’

Rencontrez notre CEO for One Month Monde 2018

Annonce du CEO for One Month Monde

20 septembre

Annonce du ‘CEO for One Month’ mondial

Annonce du CEO for One Month Monde

Découvrez Lisa Frommhold, notre CEO for One Month Monde !

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LIVE Announcement

Did you miss the LIVE final announcement from the Bootcamp?

Day 3 - CEO for One Month Bootcamp 2018

The last day of the Bootcamp for the 10 ‘CEO for One Month’ Candidates and the big reveal of who is 2018's Global CEO

LIVE Announcement

Did you miss the LIVE final announcement from the Bootcamp?
The last day of the Bootcamp for the 10 ‘CEO for One Month’ Candidates and the big reveal of who is 2018's Global CEO
A decisive day for the 'CEO for One Month' finalists and the announcement of the five finalists of the Program.
Lisa Frommhold


What skills do you consider that has helped you to become the Global ‘CEO for One Month’?

I believe that we were a very strong group of finalists in the Bootcamp and in the Top 5. So I wouldn`t say that there were big differences, but I guess, I have a very open, considerate and flexible mindset that helped me to rise to the different challenges. Being reflective and revising my role in the team was key. And I did my best to stay authentic, be my best self and shine by caring for others. Having a big heart and thinking like an engineer is what Alain spotted in me, so probably that is also part of which skills helped me to become Global ‘CEO for One Month’.

What is the best part of being Global ‘CEO for One Month’?

The whole experience is incredible. Learning from Alain and his team is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I appreciate every second with Alain and the Adecco family. So learning, growing and being part of such a purpose-driven company and meeting so many special people all around the world is the best part by far. And I love the high-pace and the drive of the company to actively transform the business and have a positive impact on so many lives. Everyone lives by the mission of making the world work for everyone and I am proud to be part of this company.

Which decision would be the most difficult you could face as a CEO?

I think there are a lot of difficult decisions to make as CEO. For me personally it is astonishing to see how Alain and his team make the Adecco Group future-proof on global and national level. Having insights into each and every country and deciding with the national teams which path to take seems to be not only very important but also difficult. The world today is ever-changing at a very fast pace. Predicting the future does not work as well as it did years ago, because there are so many unpredictable variables. So how do you make the company future-proof and sustainable transformation-ready is definitely a huge challenge.

What common skills did you detect in other final candidates during the Bootcamp?

Well, the nine final candidates are all very talented and have individual strengths. Apart from being incredibly smart and bright we all shared great communication and teamworking skills. In addition, problem-solving, a creative mindset and a positive attitude is what we shared. But believe me, each and every one of them has outstanding skills that distinguish them from others. We were a diverse group with shared values and attitudes but individual talents and skills.

What has been the most important thing you learned as a candidate?

That`s hard to tell, because I`m learning every day something new and important. But if I have to decide for one thing, I would say, that it`s being brave to be authentic. Being your true self and staying who you are is difficult in stressful or new situations. But throughout the challenges as a candidate I became more confident in who I am today and what type of leader I want to become as leader. Staying authentic is key and I gained a lot of bravery or courage to thrive and shine as my true self.

What advice would you give to future candidates of ‘CEO for One Month’?

First: Be yourself and authentic. Be curious and always try to learn and grow. Then always remind yourself that it is your responsibility to shape your career, your path and of course, your life. Take action, take responsibility and own who you are, where you want to go and how you want to develop. We often find excuses or view the world around us as “given circumstance” that we cannot change. Questioning the status quo and proactively taking actions to change the situation you are in, is key and the best advice I can give to you. Own it!

“This programme means following my instincts, stepping out of my comfort zone and thinking big.“

Lisa Frommhold , Germany.