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Humility at work. What does it mean and why is it so important in the workplace?

Whether you are a CEO or a junior executive, humility at work is one of the most valuable skills to show team members and coworkers. Let’s discover why.

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Christmas gifts for coworkers that everyone will love.

Christmas gift

We’re sure you’ve heard some awkward stories about Christmas gifts for coworkers. And we’re equally sure you don’t want to be responsible for that awkward present. As Christmas is getting closer, you should consider the following tips when thinking of what to buy for your coworkers for Christmas.

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Office parties – How to behave, despite the circumstances.

Social events in the office are always a welcome distraction. Consider this advice and how to behave at work dinners and business parties.  Read more…

You got the job! 8 signs that prove it.

You’re in a job interview and you’d like to know if you are performing well. Here are eight signs that (might) mean that you got the job.

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How to speak to your boss with confidence

In the elevator, in the kitchen at lunch time near to the coffee machine… There are plenty of moments when you might cross paths with your boss. Perhaps you have difficulties starting a conversation. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered with some handy topics to help you to handle speaking to your boss with confidence.

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