Best advice for unique job-interview answers

Companies are searching for the best talent and because of that, some job interviews can be really taxing. Know how to respond to interview questions, including the “tell me about yourself” moment.

The human brain loves stories. So, whenever you can use storytelling to illustrate with concrete examples your aptitudes. This technique is very useful for answering questions such as “tell me about yourself”. In your case you might want to explain how and why you decided to participate in CEO for One Month and everything that you have learned while on the programme. That way, you can capture the attention of your listeners and connect on an emotional level with them.

If you are asked a logic question, like “how would you fit twenty lions into a two door car?”, the interviewer isn’t looking for a correct answer, but rather that you have the skills to resolve abstract problems. Try to think about the big picture and contextualise the situation. For example, “Can you tell me how old the lions are?”.

Look out for loaded questions! “How do you see yourself in five years” and “what salary would you like to earn” can invoke answers which reveal your ambition. Focus your answers on positive abilities and say something like: “for me the work environment is much more important than the salary.”

In some countries it’s illegal to ask questions about sexual orientation, age, marital status or nationality. If you feel like they are demanding more information than you are comfortable giving, turn the question around and respond by once again emphasising your abilities. So, if you are asked about your nationality you could respond: “I’m not from here but I’m lucky that the fact that I can speak 5 languages allows me to work internationally”.

As you can see, creativity is essential to know how to respond confidently. Informational interviews are a valuable resource to hone your skills and best responses in a job interview.

Good luck!